May 6, 2022 By admin Off

The games of volleyball took it out of me so I had to retreat to the AC comfort

I suppose it is approximately 40 degrees hotter here in the states compared to where I live overseas.

I tried to play some games this week in the heat but ended up going across the street to a bar in addition to kneeling in their air conditioning.

I was warm in addition to had no energy whatsoever to play so I had to stop after a small amount of games but at least I got to see all of my awesome friends out there that I haven’t seen in a long time. I am really glad to be staying at my mom’s residence tonight because they prefer to keep the residence totally chilly in addition to have a superb Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C machine to do the work. I don’t really know for certain I will be able to transport tomorrow honestly well because the heat took a sizable amount out of me in addition to the people I was with and I had a few crazy games. I am going to visit the local business tomorrow to check out the heat pumps because the people I was with and I need to upgrade the one we have in our cousin’s residence where I am staying most of the time while I am here. I want to help my cousin upgrade it because she is letting me stay with her while I am here for multiple weeks. I suppose the people I was with and I will work hard to get a geothermal heat pump because they are said to be more energy efficient. She doesn’t have too much cash so I suppose I will have to buy it for her. I suppose the geothermal heat pumps cost a few hundred dollars at the most so it is no large deal.

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