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Mom was wrong for ignoring the AC noises

I saw that mom was calling but there was no way for me to answer the phone at that time.

  • We were in a crisis meeting at work and our boss wasn’t happy.

One of our biggest clients was threatening to pull out of the firm. She had a bad experience with one of the sales executives who treated her poorly because of her gender. This was so shocking to our boss who had made sure the company was known for its respect and care of all people. The guy was fired but now we had to find ways to ensure the client didn’t pull out her account. I’d have to call back later after we were done. The minute lasted 4 hours and mom called 6 times. When we finally spoke, she told me her AC system had failed. I wasn’t sure how to answer mom after the day that I’d had but I chose to listen to her. Mom told me her AC unit had been making noises for about 2 weeks. That morning when she woke up, she was drenched in sweat and that’s when it dawned on her that the AC unit had failed. I asked mom when was the last time she had an AC expert come and service the unit. Mom hadn’t contacted the AC company in 2 years which explained why her unit had failed. I told mom it was wrong not to pay attention to the AC noises and that it was time to contact the AC company for assistance. Even if I went over to her home, there was no way I’d manage to fix the unit since I wasn’t a qualified HVAC specialist.


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