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HVAC maintenance for a house that had been abandoned for two years

We had abandoned the house for two years.

A gardener took care of the outside, but the inside remained untouched.

We had turned our old home into a vacation home since it was very close to the beach. Both my partner and I had found better jobs further away, and we could not bring ourselves to sell the place. As life would have it, we had not had the opportunity to go back for two years. There was still some scarce furniture left, and when we finally got time to go back, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We bought groceries and cleaning equipment in a grocery store near the place. The other thing I did was call the air conditioning company because I was confident that even though it was a quality air conditioner, it would need HVAC maintenance after such a long time. The a/c serviceman would only be available the next day in the afternoon, which worked for us since we would have finished most of the cleaning, if not all. With all the dust lying around, I called the air conditioning provider and added duct cleaning to our requested service. In our new place, we have a ductless multi-split air conditioning unit, hence no need for such a service. After a quick check of the HVAC installation, I was pleased to find that the thermostat was still working. The air conditioning technician from the local indoor comfort business came at the agreed time. We had taken excellent care of the installation before we moved since my partner once worked in the cooling industry and knew more about air conditioning. Because of that, it did not need air conditioning repair. Afterward, the indoor air quality greatly improved.



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