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Finding a stuffed bun in the HVAC installation ductwork

We had initially called the air conditioning company for HVAC maintenance and decided to add cleaning of the ductwork as an afterthought.

We have a four-year-old, and the last time we had the vents cleaned was a month before we brought him home from the hospital, and from what we knew about the cooling industry, it was about time for it.

The indoor comfort business truck was packed in our driveway by two in the afternoon. The air conditioning technician started working on the unit. He began by cleaning the conduits and discovered a leak. The a/c serviceman showed us the dirt and grime from the ducts. The other surprising thing was a stuffed bunny that we had bought Kyle when he was just months old. We had no idea how it had gotten in ductwork or when since we had forgotten it. The thermostat was less than a year senior, and the tech confirmed that it did not have any problem. We were shocked to hear that our quality air conditioner had some issues we had not noticed. He finished the air conditioning repair to ensure that the HVAC installation worked optimally and the air quality was at its best. We initially wanted the air conditioning provider to install a multi-split air conditioning system, but the upfront cost was a lot, so we settled for an alternative. From then on, we took it upon ourselves to learn more about air conditioning so that by the time we need new equipment; we would be well aware of the costs and functionality of each type of unit. In the meantime, we would figure out how to clean the lost and found the stuffed bunny.

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