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Buying a furnace for the cottage

Joel had a decision to make and there was no time to waste. One of his adventures had brought him to the most amazing place he had ever seen, he was driving his campervan as usual and had to stop at this small neighborhood because it was raining so much. He found a place, packed for the evening and rested until morning, but Joel had no idea he had chosen an area with the most amazing views of the mountains, valleys and overall amazing landscape. In the morning, he sat up marveling at the views and a part of him felt like he was home. Joel went to explore the neighborhood and observed there was a house for sale at the edge of it. It was a good price and he chose to take the leap. Joel purchased the house that needed a little bit of work, however it also came with an acre of land and a cottage. Joel planned on turning the cottage into a holiday let and opted to add a gas furnace plan to it. The pictures he had taken of the area and posted online were already attracting people who wanted to spend some time there. But, first he had to ensure the cottage was comfortable hence the gas furnace plan because Winter was on its way. There was no heating and air conditioning company in the village. But Joel found one in the next town and had them come to install the new gas furnace system. He also wanted an inspection done on the central cooling and heating component in the main house. The HVAC crew did an excellent job and ensured both units were working efficiently.
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