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The kids are having the best time with the new trampoline

Ever since we got a new trampoline for the children, they have been out there jumping like crazy.

We set the trampoline naturally in the spring season when the temperatures weren’t too outrageous. I don’t like to work too hard out there in the brutal heat without air conditioning, but the trampoline honestly wasn’t that difficult to set up. Of course, the children have been jumping out there a lot this summer, even on some of the hottest days. I always make sure the children are wearing sunscreen and come back inside for air conditioning breaks when it gets way too hot. I also go out there with popsicles to help them keep from being overheated. We have a swimming pool too and of course we have been swimming a lot, but the trampoline still has been the most popular attraction at our home as of late. The kids love to invite their friends over and they have all kinds of crazy competitions like who can jump the highest or do the coolest flip trick. It’s a good thing that we regularly stay on top of our HVAC system maintenance because that trampoline has attracted a lot of friends to our home and we have them all come inside the house when it’s really hot outside. We have to have the A/C system cranking to keep the house cool when so many people come over to visit. They typically play video games inside with the A/C in between going out to enjoy the trampoline. They have had a lot of fun.
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