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The baby we wanted so badly came after the visit to the cozy cabin

I remember that loving night so long ago with our partner, then she was concerned because all of us l received that all of us could not have children, the two of us tried for a long time & it was finally made proper after seeing the doctor.

I thought all of us could use the time to just enjoy each other & have a magical experience.

I ended up booking an apartment rental in a peaceful & great locale. The apartment came equipped with everything all of us needed. There was a ductless mini split hooked up to a solar panel plan to deliver perfect comfort, at least while the sun was shining! Still, there was a nice fireplace, electric stove, & a microwave too! Of course all of the electricity ran off the solar panels. Well, we had a lovely time until the electricity went out when all of us were not getting enough sunshine. It was cold so all of us had to resort to making a fire in the fireplace. The two of us cooked our food there & everything. It turned out to be sweetly loving with our supper by candlelight & the fireplace roaring & keeping us perfectly cozy. It was such a loving night as all of us could hardly control ourselves. I undoubtedly prayed that all of us would be able to have a baby, I believe all of us both did. It was a miracle when all of us discovered all of us were pregnant merely a few weeks later when our partner was showing signs of feeling sick & weird urges for odd foods like a peanut butter & squash sandwich! The two of us realized there was something magical about that apartment all of us stayed at & all of us were so glad all of us had that experience, and now all of us have a lovely baby girl.

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