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It was a win-win situation in this case

When the HVAC professional kept saying that our heating and A/C plan was old, I didn’t pay him any mind at first. I thought he was discriminating against our heating and A/C plan like it wasn’t superb enough or something, however eventually he explained that it wasn’t that our heating and A/C plan was lousy, it was that it wasn’t as energy efficient as the newer models and that’s just the way it goes! Well, I told this heating and A/C professional our old philosophy, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t maintain it.’ He agreed in most cases that’s the way to go, but you have to be smart when it comes to extravagant heating and A/C equipment! He said that surely somebody would want to buy our old heating and A/C as it would be of superb use to somebody, maybe only for parts but those old parts easily have value. He said if I sold the heating and A/C, I could replace it with a new one and like the energy savings. I had to admit, the heating and A/C professional was making a lot of sense and I no longer felt offended about him telling myself and others to go for a replacement. It wasn’t like I had some passionate connectment to our heating and A/C system, I just thought I should keep using it until it was finished. Even with cars, both of us sell them and replace them with something new or trade in at the dealership, so why not do that with heating and A/C equipment? So I did as the guy said, found a client for our old plan which was only 10 years old mind you. I got a pretty superb deal for it and our new heating and A/C plan entirely is energy efficient.
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