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When I was a teenager, my parents grounded me from my air conditioning

I know that this sounds absolutely crazy, but my parents really hit me where it hurts when it came to punishing my poor behavior when I was a teenager.

I know that they had to come up with some creative ways of getting me to behave because I was not exactly the easiest kid to live with back in the day when I was a teenager! I was annoying and I had a really smart mouth back then.

The only thing that I really cared about was my air conditioning unit in my bedroom. I got a small window unit air conditioning system back for my birthday when I was about thirteen. It was the best gift that I had ever received because we didn’t have central air conditioning in our house back then and my room upstairs was always the hottest one in the entire house. During the summer, I always felt like I would just melt away in my room on hot summer nights until my parents got me that window unit A/C for my birthday. However, after that gift, my parents really knew how to punish me if I got smart with them! They would come into my room when I was at school and completely disconnect my air conditioning unit. One time when I was especially bad – I think I had snuck out of the house or something – they actually took the whole A/C unit out of my room and put it in their closet until they ungrounded me! I’m the only person I know who was ever grounded from using their air conditioning.

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