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Welcoming the new cooling specialist recruits to the company

The steps of heat pump repair were easy and we also tested on that

It’s employment season and we always make new recruits at the cooling and heating business. I remember how nervous I was on my first day at work, but the cooling specialist that preceded me was very welcoming. After training, they threw a party for us as a way to introduce other cooling workman to us. When the new recruits joined the company, we trained them in a way to boost their strengths and make them professionals. Each one of them was assigned an apprentice that could help them learn the business and learn how to handle the different cooling equipment. There were people from all institutions and all states who were looking forward to becoming cooling experts. They needed to learn how to maintain the cooling systems like the heat pump. In order to correctly advise customers, these new recruits needed to be extremely conversant with tasks such as cleaning the air ducts of any unit. The vents of commercial units were the most complex to clean since these units are huge. Replacing air filters on the other hand is simple that even homeowners can do the task without the help of a professional. The recruits also needed to know the best brands in the market and for this, we made constant visits to the local cooling and heating provider. For instance the best filters are HEPA filters and they do a good job increasing the air quality. The steps of heat pump repair were easy and we also tested on that. Most recruits kept forgetting to check on the thermostat, just like the customers do. By the end of the training and apprenticeship programs, the recruits knew the steps right from cooling install.


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