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Their food wasn’t exactly how they ordered it

Have you ever met somebody in life that seems to make it their life mission to complain about everything and raise hell for everybody else? I have, and most of the people in my friend circle know at least that one person. If you have ever encountered one of these people, then you know how uncomfortable or just downright irritating it can be to have to work with them or live with them, depending on the situation. In my case, this person was a customer at a well known restaurant in my town and I was their waiter. From the moment I walked over to their table they had this ‘I hate everybody’ kind of facial expression and were sending glares to anyone that happened to make eye contact with them, intentional or not. It was an older couple. I was nice and asked them what they wanted and they immediately started arguing with each other over the menu. Neither of them were willing to budge. Then the husband asked me when the air conditioning would be fixed and he pointed to our commercial HVAC unit on the wall. I politely told him that there was nothing wrong with our heating and cooling system, but he just wasn’t near an air vent. He asked to move tables, but I was unable to move him because we were at capacity. They argued for a few minutes more before deciding on their order. When the food arrived, it was exactly as they had ordered it. But they started nitpicking it and complaining about the way the salt and pepper was sprinkled on it. They yelled at me, then the manager before throwing the food on the floor and storming out.



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