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The space heater was perfect for all of my needs

My wife and I have always had a large collection of heating and cooling systems.

So when my wife brought home a space heater one day, it was just another HVAC system we could add with the rest. We already had a fireplace, gas furnace and now a space heater for our heating systems. Our cooling technology consists of a central a/c system, a portable window air conditioner, and a ductless mini split a/c system. My wife and I like to have a wide variety of heating and air conditioning systems. We used to not have any kind of heating or a/c at all, so when we started purchasing HVAC units, we wanted to get many of them. The reasoning behind it was so if one of the heaters or the air conditioners were to break, we would have a backup to fall back on. However, we have not had to use any as a backup as of yet, we are pretty strict about having all of our heating and a/c tune-ups done. We spent a lot of money to have nice HVAC units and we want them to last for us. We have a technician that comes out every six months to perform any maintenance or repairs if they are needed. Even our friends have noticed how much having good quality heating and air conditioning has made a difference. We have much better indoor air quality and some of our friends joke that they never want to leave.

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