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The nights were heated and humid

Usually I look forward to the nights. Not only am I a natural night owl, but I have always found nighttime to be more peaceful, quiet and serene. It is a great time to gaze up at the stars and wonder about all of the mysteries of the universe. One of the other things I usually enjoy about the night is how cool it is. However, as of recently, the nights have not been so pleasant. For the last few days, it has been hot and humid, both in the daytime and the night. You would think that once it became night the heat and humidity would go away, but no, it didn’t. Usually in the past whenever it would be night I would turn the air conditioning off and go to bed, since it was usually cool enough to sleep, but now I have to keep on the A/C even at night, just to avoid the heat. To some degree, the humidity is even worse, because even without opening windows I swear it is still somehow getting in my house. Thankfully someone in the past had given me a dehumidifier, so I was able to tackle the humidity issue and bring it down to a more normal level. But I guess for now I am going to have to keep using the cooling component every night until things return back to normal. I really hate doing this, because I already run my A/C in the morning and afternoon, so I am basically running the central A/C 24/7 without a break, which I know it’s bad for it, but it’s about all I can do.

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