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The importance of having clean air ducts

I had an incident with my HVAC unit the other week when it suddenly stopped working.

I had however noticed a few different signs that would have indicated to me that the cooling system was headed to doom.

First, indoor comfort is reduced because the quality of air within the house is reduced. Then the thermostat started having wrong readings. It was like at times the regulator went into a trance then the readings would normalize again. I had also noticed that the energy bills were constantly on the rise. I was losing money on all these bills. I scheduled a visit from the cooling expert who worked in the local cooling and heating business. After examining the heat pump, the cooling workman established that all these issues were due to clogged air ducts and dirty air filters. The cooling specialist told me about the importance of having clean vents. First off, clean vents improve the air quality. It also enhances the function of the cooling equipment as clean vents promote airflow which is important for the function of the unit. He insisted that this cleaning would start a year or two after the cooling install is done. Clean vents also limit the heat pump repairs needed when dust enters the sensitive part of the unit. According to the cooling and heating provider, The filters also play a key role in ensuring that the vents are clean. Filters are cleaned after every 30 to 90 days. After finding out this information, I had scheduled regular cleaning sessions for the vents and filters. A month later I noticed that the energy bills had reduced drastically.


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