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The first thing I do when I move out will be buying an A/C

The first thing that I’m going to do whenever I move out of my parents’ house will be to buy an air conditioning system.

My parents have never wanted an air conditioning system in their house and so I have suffered with high temperatures and terrible indoor air quality in my house for all of these years! I have always hated the fact that literally all of my friends have always had central air conditioning in their homes and then I was over here at my house sweating and feeling miserable every single summer.

I don’t understand, and I have never understood, why in the world my parents don’t want to have air conditioning in the house. I think that it’s really strange that they are like the last holdouts from another century or something. I don’t understand people like them who really don’t want to take advantage of new technology. As for me, I have already done all of my research into different types of heating and cooling systems. I know that I want to have radiant heated flooring in my house, along with a high efficiency air conditioning system. Not only that, but I will have a whole home air purification system in my house too. I know that my kids will never have to deal with hot summer temperatures inside of their home the way that I have my whole life! I’m at the point where I can hardly wait to get moved out! I know that I will have issues, but I’m looking forward to having real A/C for the first time ever!
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