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Tagging along for the first cooling install of my career

This would enhance the function of the unit and also increase indoor comfort.

I had just graduated from HVAC technician training and fortunately, my uncle had gotten me a job with the most popular and successful cooling and heating business in town. Since I was fresh from school, I needed to do an apprenticeship program for a couple of months just to get the hang of it. My apprentice was the senior cooling expert. A week after I had started, I was informed of a cooling install job that we had to attend to. I was very excited about it and so off we went heading to the customer’s house. This was a chance for me to learn a lot about the process as well as the cooling system. The first task was to uninstall the old cooling equipment. We had ordered a new heat pump from the local cooling and heating provider. Together with the cooling specialist, we installed the air ducts and the air filter. The customer had requested the HEPA filters as they are the best quality filters. The reason for this was so that we could improve the air quality within the customer’s house. This would enhance the function of the unit and also increase indoor comfort. Since our customer was a very technical person, he requested that for the regulator, we install the programmable thermostat. Here I learned that the best place to install the regulator is in the hallway away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is most likely to damage the regulator as well as the unit, thus prompting numerous heat pump repair sessions. The job took almost three hours, but I had the best time as it was my first time interacting with an HVAC unit in an official capacity.


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