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My parents never wanted to pay the heating bills

My parents really hated to pay heating bills back when I was growing up.

They were really crazy about keeping the thermostat settings right where they wanted them.

They would never in a million years let me or my brother or sisters change the thermostat settings, even if we were freezing. I remember thinking that we might actually freeze to death in our beds one night during the winter back when I was a kid. I thought that our furnace system was actually broken or something, but in fact, my parents just wouldn’t turn the furnace on! They were under the assumption that we should just be able to put on an extra sweater or a pair of socks or something and that should be enough for us to stay warm enough. However, up here in the part of the country where we live, simply putting on a pair of socks just isn’t enough to help. It’s a rare thing during the winter up here when the temperatures outside are above the freezing mark on the thermometer! I don’t understand why in the world our parents just wouldn’t let us turn the heating system up, but most of the time I remember that the thermostat was set at 62 degrees. They said that anything warmer than that was just ridiculous. I don’t know what they were thinking, but I do know that all of my siblings and I were cold throughout most of the winters when we were younger! As soon as I moved out of the house, I got a place with a high efficiency heating system and I’ve been using it like crazy every single day during the winter.

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