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Important things to consider while doing a cooling install

Being a cooling expert for a decade, I have the experience with cooling systems to understand the proper way to install these HVAC units.

I always advise customers to check whether the install was done properly though most customers have no idea on how to identify the proper locations.

A customer contacted the cooling and heating business last week complaining the heat pump head just installed was not working. On getting to the premise, the first thing we noticed was that the cooling equipment installed was a commercial unit, meant to serve huge places and many people. The cooling workman had convinced the customer to install the huge unit. First off, the commercial unit would have been very expensive to purchase as we already knew the prices that the cooling and heating provider sold the units at. The second wrong thing with the cooling install was that it was placed in a place where there was not enough air flow, plus there was high risk of the unit getting dirt and dust. This would jeopardize the function of the air filters and it would also clog up the air duct faster therefore reducing the air quality within the house. We began the work of uninstalling the unit and replacing it with a decent sized unit and installing it in an appropriate location. The cooling specialist also upgraded the thermostat to a smart one which is what the customer had requested. The customer was so impressed with the service and contracted us for any future heat pump repairs that he would have. I gave her tips on how to maintain the unit so it lasts for a long time.


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