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I’m a teacher who encourages trade school

I’m a teacher at a local public high school, but every chance I get, I encourage my students to check out trade school instead of college. That sort of talk might end up getting me fired one day, but I am absolutely true to my convictions that college isn’t the right place for everybody. I just think that a lot of people do better in trade schools or technical colleges. I know a lot of kids who were natural born welders, electricians, or heating and cooling technicians. As a matter of fact, the guy who does my heating and cooling maintenance used to be one of my students. This kid was a hard worker and a really smart kid, but he just wasn’t what you would call college material. He was so stressed out about trying to get into a good college, and then one day I told him that he didn’t have to worry about college in order to be successful. That made him so happy when I told him that! It’s like he was looking for permission to do anything else but go on to college! I mentioned the really great HVAC certification program that they have at one of the local technical schools around here and his ears perked right up at the mention of that. He told me that he has always been really interested in heating and cooling and he signed up for the certification class right after he graduated. He turned out to be a natural in the heating and cooling industry and now he actually runs his own residential HVAC business! I’m so proud of him!

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