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I like living in a small town

I have lived in both big cities and in small towns, and I have to say that I really prefer the small town atmosphere.

I mean, of course, people are usually friendly and kind and most of the time, they are willing to help you out if you need it.

Not only that, but just about everyone knows your business and so people are always asking about your family and how they are doing. It’s nice, in a way. One of the other things that I like about living in a small town is the fact that you get to know the service people who work for you. In a big city, you don’t ever get to know anyone, whether it’s your electrician, your plumber, or your heating and cooling technician. Usually they just send out whoever they have available at the moment and you may never see that person again once they’ve fixed your leaky faucet or your air conditioning system for you. Anyway, when you’re living in a small town like the one that I’m living in now, it’s very different. You meet an HVAC technician and then he comes to your house to fix your A/C system for you and then suddenly you’re having a beer with him and going to the same church that he goes to! I find that I really like knowing so many people here in town. I really like the HVAC technician that I’ve been using, too. The guy is really nice and he knows how to fix just about anything when it comes to my heating and cooling system.

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