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How to handle heat pump repairs before they grow into a big issue

Last summer, I went to visit my aunt and when I tell you that we had an entire education sentence, then we did.

My aunt has a huge mansion and she also has two cooling systems that serve the entire house.

The house has two wings, the east and west wing. She travels a lot and when she does, I usually house sit for her. When I went to visit her, she had taken leave and so we hung out together for a long time. We did so many interesting things like water rafting, hiking and we even went swimming. Since I got there, I had been hearing this screeching sound coming from the heat pump. One Saturday as we enjoyed our afternoon lemonade, the cooling equipment suddenly stopped working. The diagnosis from the cooling workman was that the unit had strained to function, due to dirty air ducts and clogged air filters. The cooling expert advised that the sound from the unit would have alerted us that we needed to schedule heat pump repairs. When we ignored the sound, the lack of repairs caused a huge issue that caused the unit to malfunction. Since the cooling install, my aunt had hardly done any repairs or a tune-up. The cooling specialist from the local cooling and heating business recommended that we check our unit regularly and alert the servicemen before the issue grew. Aunt now needed a brand new system. Fortunately, the cooling and heating provider offered the unit in installments. The unit also came with a thermostat. The servicemen advised that we clean the air ducts and replace the air filter to increase the air quality in the house.

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