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Heat pump issues you need to look out for

The heat pump, in my opinion, is the most efficient cooling system there is in the market.

  • I have had this sort of system for a while now and I can attest to the fact that it is very efficient.

It has a heater and an AC all in the same unit. This makes it very convenient as you can use it during winter and summer. This cooling equipment is also fitted with an air purification system in the form of very efficient air filters. As much as they are efficient, they are also affected by wear and tear and other factors just like any electronic system. If the air ducts are not regularly cleaned, it might cause a blocked limiting airflow within the unit. This causes the unit to strain as it works which might at times produce unusual noises. As a qualified cooling expert, I advise customers to always look out for unusual sounds from their units as it could save them a whole load of headaches that come with dealing with heat pump repairs. Last week a cooling workman colleague of mine attended to a customer who had called the cooling and heating business complaining of reduced air quality. Upon checking the unit, the cooling specialist discovered that the customer had never changed the filters since the cooling install was done about a year ago. All this time, the customer had not noticed that even the thermostat was acting up. She kept purchasing the regulators from the cooling and heating provider because she thought that it was normal to replace the regulators. The most important thing to do to maintain the proper function of a unit is to regularly maintain it.


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