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Attending the annual cooling and heating business expo

Each year, we have an expo for all the cooling organizations in the city.

As a senior cooling expert, I sometimes get to organize these expos or help organize them.

It was a lot of fun to organize these expos since I get to interact with the business owners who showcase their services and products. This year though, I was going to be an attendee and not an organizer. I was showcasing my products and services for my cooling and heating business. Some of the products I deal with are cooling systems. The services include heat pump repairs. I also have a cooling workman who takes care of all the cooling install jobs. The expo was filled with property owners from commercial to residential owners. In order to enter the expo, the organization needed to have a certain number of customers or have made a certain percent on their returns. As a cooling and heating provider, the year had been great for me as I had sold many heat pumps during spring. This is the season when most property owners replace their cooling equipment as they prepare for winter. I also noticed that many property owners also replace the air filters to increase the air quality. Besides meeting potential customers, I also had the chance to make connections with other business owners. We would link up with them in a bid to expand and integrate our business. I had a few customers purchase the programmable thermostat as they were the most popular among all the regulators. The cooling specialist I had on my corner was advising customers on the importance of cleaning the air ducts. All in all, It was an amazing day for the business owners.

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