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Accompanying my cooling specialist brother to work

I was home for summer break and because I was used to seeing my friends and also being busy with school, I got bored very easily.

My brother saw how bored I was and decided to take me to his job.

He was a cooling specialist at one of the biggest cooling and heating businesses in town. On this day, his duties included handling heat pump repairs and a cooling install. Fortunately, both jobs were in the same residential area so he did not have to move around the town. This was good because they would save time on transport. When my brother asked me to accompany him, I was very excited. We started with the install, but before that, we had to order new cooling equipment from the cooling and heating provider. Once the system was there, the cooling workman looked for the perfect location within the house to install the heat pump. This is important because the unit needs a place where there is free airflow in order to aerate it. After the cooling system was installed, we headed over to the next customer site. For this customer, he had an issue with the thermostat. When we analyzed the regulator, the cooling expert advised that it had been damaged by the dirty air ducts and the clogged air filters. After cleaning the vents and replacing the filters, the air quality increased significantly. Both jobs took the entire day, but it was too much fun just watching my brother work and I also got to learn a few tips to help with the unit at my parent’s house. I had a very lovely day visiting my brother at his job.


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