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A ductless mini split was the answer to our problem

I had to transport back into our parents’ basement recently.

  • Don’t even ask why; I’ve had a terrible time of it lately and nothing has been going right for me! It has honestly been a rough couple of years for me, that’s for sure.

I don’t even think where or when everything started going wrong, but it honestly started to go wrong, that’s for sure. Anyway, I had to transport back into our parents’ beach house and since they had already turned our room into a craft room for our mom, I had to end up moving into the basement. The bad thing about this was the fact that the basement had never been outfitted with ductworks or heating and cooling vents at all and so there was no heating and cooling at all down in the basement. I knew that this was going to be an issue for me, since I have some respiratory troubles anyway. I thought that I would be dead within a month if I moved into that basement without having any air conditioning or heating! But I didn’t want to cause any more troubles for our parents than I already was, and so I did some research on our own to try and figure out a solution for our problem. I ended up talking to a local Heating & Air Conditioning dealer and they told me to get something called a ductless mini split With something prefer this, I wouldn’t have to worry about putting in current ductwork in the basement, but for me, it’s a question of whatever is easier, in this case.

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