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Why is my furnace making a funny smell?

Many homeowners have been hit with irregular smells when turning on their furnace, while some smells can be causes of concern, there are other smells are completely normal for a respectfully finally working furnace, and here are a few important smells that will be coming from your Heating and A/C equipment and what they mean for you.

  • If you smell burning dust coming from your furnace, certainly at the end of the summer season, this is always normal, however dust will build up in your furnace over the months that it isn’t being used, and the first time you turn it on, some of that dust will burn.

The smells always go away on it’s own within a couple of minutes. If you smell burning hot metal, you may have components in your furnace that have become too hot. If you smell this kind of awful smell coming from your furnace, it is a unbelievable method to turn your furnace off and quickly call an Heating and A/C professional to come assess the problem. If you smell sulfuric, rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak, then natural gas, on its own, is odorless, but an eggy scent is added to it while in the manufacturing process in order to alert people of a leak. If you smell sulfuric, rotten eggs coming from your furnace, turn it off and call your Heating and A/C provider right away, as you may have a extreme problem that can potentially cause harm or a fire. The easiest way to prevent these problems is to have respectfully busy maintenance performed on the central Heating and A/C system, however an experienced Heating and A/C professional will make sure that your entire system is running respectfully, and will also make sure that complications are identified before you are disturbed by any problem smells.

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