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We got onto a competition show installing ductless mini splits

Recently some friends of mine and I all were able to get onto this TV show competition series.

This particular competition was going to be who could install a single zone ductless mini split the fastest.

We all were interviewed and we all had experience with this kind of installation before. The cool thing was that whoever installed the ductless mini split the fastest was going to get a free quad zone ductless mini split for free! It was very exciting and it was even more fun because we were all friends competing. It was pretty wild trying to install this thing as fast as possible, but it still was fun. You should have seen how fast I was able to drill the hole in the wall. Of course there were judges and they would judge a lot on the quality of the installation. You couldn’t cut corners like not using a level to make sure everything was even. You also had to be good about setting up the mount for the A/C condenser unit. I thought I could win this competition, but my one buddy went into turbo mode near the end. He has always been a good handyman and he really did his thing. He was first place and finished after 2 hours and 52 minutes. I came in a close second at 2 hours and 58 minutes. Our other friend really took his time though and focused more on the quality of the installation. He finished at 3 hours and 34 minutes, but his installation honestly seemed nicer than ours. When all was said and done, our buddy who finished last won the competition and got the free ductless mini split. He was happier than ever!


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