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Tip of the cap to the old HVAC

For sure, I wasn’t all that stunned when the HVAC technician told us that our HVAC equipment had seen better days.

The HVAC professional came out in the spring to do the air conditioner tune-up.

When he was finished with his HVAC maintenance work, he broke the news. The HVAC technician simply stated that we needed to begin planning for new heating and cooling equipment. Our old heat pump’s days were numbered. I knew the heat pump was old and honestly, I was sort of pleased that it went as long as it did. A year prior to the HVAC technician’s warning, I had begun to save for a new heat pump. So it really wasn’t that tough to make the transition over to formally making plans. However, I will say that the HVAC contractor was instrumental in helping us. I was not prepared for all the changes in HVAC technology. Plus, the depth of heat pump models was astonishing. The HVAC contractor really helped us wade through all of those choices. We settled on a heat pump that has nearly the highest SEER number available in residential HVAC equipment. But efficiency was a big part of what we wanted in our new heat pump. Not only for the heating and cooling cost benefit but also for ecological reasons. I mean, I’m all for air conditioning but not at an abject cost to the earth. The installation of the new HVAC equipment is only days away. I’m really excited to see what all the new HVAC technology actually feels like in my house. Should be very interesting but I’m also very thankful to have gotten over two decades of great service from the old heat pump.


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