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Portable heating systems can be pretty risky

I’m here to just warn people about portable heating systems.

I guess some of the heating systems with good safety features are okay, like the tipping over feature.

With the tip sensor, the heating machine will automatically shut off whenever it tips over which is a great way to prevent a fire from starting. I honestly wish my portable heating system would have had a feature like that. I was having this small get together and I had people with kids over. I set up the portable heater for my father while he was trying to relax. I kept yelling at the kids to stop running around in the house because I thought they might knock something over. They knocked something over alright, the portable heater. My father has a disability so he wasn’t able to get it, and he was trying to tell everybody. I swear I just went into the kitchen for just a second when this happened. By the time I got back to the living room, I saw the portable heater was knocked over and still running. On top of that the carpet was catching fire. I unplugged the thing and grabbed my father to get him out of the house. The place was suddenly ablaze and I shouted for everybody to get out. I worked with some others to make sure everybody was accounted for and it was a crazy situation. This is why I tell people this story because I want more people to be aware of the risks when you are using portable heating systems in your home.


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