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Need a safer heater for my kids

Right now my house has a giant fireplace in the living room.

I spent the big bucks for a pretty one too.

I got a marble step that you can stand on and a giant wood top to set things on. The fireplace has a glass front plate showing a faux wood fire too. I really like how it looks centered in the living room. It gives the space a bit of class that it wouldn’t normally have. However, I have been thinking about removing that fireplace. I am pregnant with my first child and I can’t help but think of the safety concerns with a gas fireplace. First, this heating system isn’t great for air quality. The dust gets sucked up into the heater and then blown around the home. The same dusty, stale air is circulated on a daily basis too. Something like heated flooring that doesn’t use or or a heat pump that is ductless would be a better option. Another concern is the glass front plate. That glass gets extremely hot on the heating system. My brother has severely burned his back on the glass because he leaned back shirtless on it one year during Easter dinner. He still has a scar from it. I am going to have little kids crawling, attempting to walk and touching anything they can to help them stand up. A hotter than lava glass front plate is just begging for an accident. With radiant flooring, that heat is under our feet and away from little fingers. It is a gentle heat that provides cleaning air quality too.

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