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My buddy already did most the work for the ductless mini split installation

When my friend asked me if I would help him with his ductless mini split installation, I didn’t realize that he already did all the work. He said that he just needed help hooking up the electric connections. He wasn’t sure what to do and he thought it could be risky. Fortunately, I had a little bit of experience with electrical work and he knew that. I wasn’t a licensed electrician or anything but I was sure I could help him out. I checked out the manual for the electric part of the installation. They said you needed a circuit breaker rated at 30 amps max and a minimum of 20 amps. I checked out the electric situation in my buddy’s house and then I asked him if the people prior to him had a hot tub. He shrugged and said he wasn’t sure. I was pretty certain though because I saw they had a sub-panel with 50 amp gfci breaker. That had to be a hot tub in my mind. I told my buddy that I could simply replace the 50 amp with a 30 amp breaker and I would run a power line all the way to an A/C disconnect. Then from that line I would run a whip to the A/C condenser unit. So we got all the supplies we needed including the THHN wires and the waterproof encasings that they went into. Probably the toughest part was getting the wiring into the tubes, but other than that, the power connections were easy. I was actually surprised that he couldn’t figure that out on his own, but I realize that some people are spooked when it comes to working with electrical connections. You have to make sure the power is entirely off when you start working, or you will be in significant danger.
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