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Learning the HVAC trade

I come from a really handy family.

We all frequently renovate, flip houses or purchase rental properties. When the time comes, the family pitches in and helps out whoever that needs it. Over the years each of us have developed our own set of skills. My father is nicknamed toilet man because he is our designated plumber. He can move a toilet, install shower control or fix a sink without a hitch. He even has created shower pans rather than purchasing them to save money. My mother is excellent when it comes to drywall. She measures perfectly, has clean seams and muds, tough spots that most people would miss. My brother is our electrician. He can move an outlet, change a two switch to a one and install a bathroom ventilation system with ease. I have started to get into HVAC installation. It was the one service the family really needed. Every new home or apartment always has a terrible heating and cooling option. A new one needs to be installed. I have even begun schooling in the HVAC field so I can be allowed to put refrigerant in cooling systems. Not every person is allowed to do this. For right now I can install heated flooring, a gas furnace or fireplace, heat pump system and even a mini split. I just need to be able to handle coolant and I am good to go. Anytime the home needs an air conditioner or the system needs a quick repair, I frequently wish I could dump some coolant in it.

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