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I need the local HVAC guy

I moved from a tiny apartment in the city to a big house in the country.

It is so nice having extra space.

I now can have a separate office from my bedroom. Having two bathrooms is really nice as well. My kitchen has way more storage and I was able to upgrade my television. Another perk is having privacy for once. I used to tan in my backyard and my neighbor would be maybe six feet away from me. The guy could be grilling his lunch while I am in a swimsuit next to him. We could clearly see one another. I hated it. With the country house, I have trees surrounding the place. Nobody can see me if I decide to garden in a bikini top. I also like having a real lawn to plant flowers, own a four wheeler and I have a shed for my tools. It is really great living. The only downside is that in the city there are tons of businesses. I could go out to eat at the many restaurants. There were multiple grocery stores available that all offer delivery. I could see a movie, drop a package at the post office and call the HVAC guy all in a single day. In the country, there are limited options for everything. I am having a hard time finding a company that does heating and cooling too. The only HVAC providers I have found are over an hour away and they don’t want to make the drive. Is there no local HVAC contractor?


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