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I hate the AC in my house

I was never a fan of air conditioning before, but now I hate it.

I feel AC has a weird smell and feel to it.

Whenever I have air conditioning blasted on me, I don’t feel good. In the car I tend to get a scratchy voice. In the house I tend to sneeze and feel sort of sick. At work I get freezing cold and want to go home. I never welcome the feeling of cold air. My boyfriend loves air conditioning and constantly lowers our thermostat. He is so unreasonable with the AC. He won’t even think of being slightly too hot in the house, I just need to freeze. His point is it is easier for me to put on layers than for him to cool down. Really? I think he could put a ceiling fan on without a problem. You just flick a switch. He frequently drives me out of the house due to the cold. I get sick of shivering, sneezing and feeling sick. In the car I stick my head out the window to avoid the scratchy throat. It is annoying to constantly be cold around him. I want to get HVAC zone control at least. This way he could be freezing in his office while I have a little heating in mine. It won’t solve all the temperature control issues because there is still the car to think about. However, having the house at different temperatures would be really nice. This way nobody has to compromise and be uncomfortable in the house.

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