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Hard to find a HVAC contractor in the country

I used to live in a big city in a tiny apartment.

It stunk having neighbors right on top of me.

It also was awful hearing all the sounds of the neighborhood. There were barking dogs, parties going on, fire trucks and car alarms constantly. It wasn’t easy to sleep. I recently moved further into the country and found that I loved the peace and quiet. I also loved having total privacy in my yard. The only downside to living in the country is the lack of businesses nearby. In the city it was easy to go to a restaurant, bar or shop. I had movie theaters and grocery stores near my apartment. If I needed any service like HVAC, electrical or plumbing, I have tons of options within 10 minutes. There are only two restaurants in the small town I am in and they are awful. There are no theaters, clubs, good shops or even grocery stores unless you drive quite a distance. I have found that finding a repairman is next to impossible. The city HVAC dealers all have websites online. They are over an hour away. I think none of the local HVAC providers bother. They strictly rely on word of mouth and the small town community. Everyone must have the local HVAC contractor, electrician and plumber’s number. I don’t though! I am having a hard time tracking down the HVAC guy and getting him to repair my unit. I have been told by the locals that Mike does all the heating and air conditioning work. Is he a certified contractor? Does he have a website? How do I get in touch with him? I don’t think I will be able to.

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