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Gave my wife the ultimate surprise this last anniversary

Usually when we get to our anniversary my wife expects me to get her a designer purse or some special perfume.

This past anniversary though, she was shocked when I got her something entirely different.

She had always talked about getting radiant heated floors. I made it sound like I didn’t care for the idea, but I knew how much she wanted that heating system upgrade. So this past anniversary I surprised her with the installation. I told her I had already made the arrangements for radiant heated floors and we were also getting a new smart thermostat! She was so excited. Of course, I got her some perfume, roses, and some chocolates, but the main gift was going to change both of our lives. When the HVAC crew came for the installation, we were both really excited. She said she thought that I had no interest in going for this type of upgrade, but I told her that I had been saving ever since she first brought up the idea of getting radiant heated floors. She smiled and told me I was so romantic and I replied, “I know.” When the radiant heated floors were finally installed, we couldn’t wait to try them out. The winter was approaching soon and this was the perfect time to have such a nice heating system upgrade. We couldn’t believe how comfortable the house was when we turned them on. We both actually ended up sleeping on the floor the first night, and it was shockingly comfortable. I’m glad I was able to give her such a nice surprise.
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