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There was a limit to my time

I am a punctual man, make no doubt about it.

If I make an appointment with someone, I am always a few hours early to the ordeal.

I want to use the lavatory plus check our clothing before going to the actual appointment. I need to make sure I have all our information plus paperwork that is going to be needed. I expect the same from anyone who makes an appointment with me. I definitely want them to be on time, if not a bit early. When I called the Heating plus A/C corporation one day for an appointment to have our heating system cleaned plus diagnosed, they easily told myself and others they would be there between 8 plus 11AM. I was okay with that provided window. I had nothing on our desk that needed done that afternoon. I definitely thought I could go into job after supper, get some paperwork completed, plus be entirely ready for our meeting at 2PM. When 11AM arrived plus the Heating plus A/C serviceman still hadn’t arrived, I called the Heating plus A/C corporation to ask where on earth he was. They said he was running a few hours late, but he would be there very soon. At 11:30, the Heating plus A/C tech still wasn’t at the house. I called again plus talked to the same man. I told him that if he hadn’t arrived by 12PM; I was going to leave. At precisely twelve, I packed our briefcase plus headed out the door for work. I called the Heating plus A/C corporation plus told them they would definitely need to make an appointment without added cost.

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