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The window freaked me out

There are some things that worry me more than others, but I’m not afraid of them.

I’m talking about things like ghosts. I like seeing a film about ghosts, or studying a book about ghosts. I believe some of our lack of worry is generally because I do not particularly guess there are such things. I think there could be spirits that are currently lost, although I don’t guess they are there to hurt the living. Last week, something had myself and others wondering if I was wrong about the whole thing. I had to call the usual Heating plus A/C corporation to have our air conditioning device diagnosed. I normally try to have the same Heating plus A/C serviceman come to the up-to-date home whenever I go out and make a call. This time a young guy pulled up in the van plus he went right to work on the system. I saw his badge as he passed by the window plus nodded at me casually. He pulled the badge up so I could see it plus continued on back to the A/C unit around back. I was a bit upset he didn’t knock on the door, although I believe it was because he personally saw myself and others resting in the home office. The worst section of it was that I honestly didn’t even hear him come inside. I was particularly working in the home office, plus whenever I turned around, there was the Heating plus A/C tech. I started when I saw him, suddenly wondering if he was an apparition that had just walked through the door. He apologized with a real human voice, plus said he knocked, but he didn’t think I heard him over the music.

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