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Stop harassing me already

Last week, I acquired twelve or fifteen calls from the local Heating plus A/C business. I made the mistake of calling them once about a sale they had going on. I was interested in the up-to-date air purification proposal that I saw they were advertising. I wanted to guess if I had to have an up-to-date Heating plus A/C system, or if our older proposal could do the job with the air cleaner. I knew I would need to allow a Heating plus A/C serviceman to finally come to our home, plus he would need to inspect the heating system plus the modern air conditioning unit. It particularly upset myself and others with all of this because I clearly could have just called our Heating plus A/C business. With our usual Heating plus A/C business, they would have already known if our heating system plus modern air conditioning device would job with the whole-new home air purifier. The only reason I actually hadn’t called our Heating plus A/C corporation was because they weren’t currently offering the same sale as the up-to-date Heating plus A/C business. Now, I find I am having a tough time trying to get rid of this Heating plus A/C business. I am always getting iPhone calls, texts, plus texts almost daily. I hate that but I reply STOP to the automated texts, they still come through. The texts are now going into the Spam files. The only single thing I can’t get stopped is the iPhone calls. I am about ready to report them. Last week I shouted at the guy for again calling me. I threatened to call the police plus report them for harassment. He actually hung up on me, which had myself and others so angry, I almost called back.
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