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I’m going to learn it all

For the last twenty five years, I had been particularly working as an electrician.

It was getting to where I didn’t particularly enjoy our job anymore.

I got paid well, plus I knew our job, but what nice is knowing your daily job plus nice money, if you don’t like what you are doing. I knew I had to change our daily profession while I was still young enough to do it. I talked to our husband, plus he wanted to guess if I had anything in mind. The wise man reminded myself and others every one of us had multiple kids in university, plus clearly every one of us couldn’t go without the money. My father once told myself and others I had always been an electrician, plus he wasn’t sure I actually could do anything else at this point in our life. If nothing else, I had to prove to my own self that our father wasn’t right. I had seen an ad in the newspaper for a night course scheduled in Heating plus A/C. I had worked with our sibling-in-law on multiple jobs. He was a Heating plus A/C serviceman, plus he had been showing myself and others the basic ropes. I thought I could do our contracting jobs in the afternoon plus go to school each evening at night. I would be a Heating plus A/C serviceman within twelve or eighteen months. I figured, I would become a Heating plus A/C serviceman plus I could job with our sibling-in-law. And I particularly hoped that Heating plus A/C technical school would be the changeI was looking for.

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