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I wanted to be prompt

I knew I was going to be late showing up for the next heating and cooling house.

I had called the Heating plus A/C corporation plus told them I was probably running about an hour late because of a problem I had found in the last job.

The phone dispatcher told myself and others that if I wasn’t there within the next hour, the modern owner of the up-to-date home would not be home. This was the first time I was working on our own, plus I had a lot riding on this job. As a Heating plus A/C serviceman of the 21st century, every one of us pride ourselves on being as punctual as possible. I didn’t ever realize the last heating system repair was going to end up being a major repair. I had to do the whole job plus get it done, plus I didn’t mean to be late for the next job. I asked the phone dispatcher if he could smooth things over for myself and others plus explain to the client that I was particularly working on an emergency repair. I knew he would try to do his best, but it didn’t stop myself and others from feeling guilty for being late. I finally got the iPhone number of the client plus I tried to call her, however the person didn’t answer. I knew he hadn’t waited for myself and others to arrive. That’s exactly when I heard from the dispatcher again. She let myself and others hear that if I didn’t get to the client’s up-to-date home by noon; he was going to go to work and I was SOL. I was going to need to go to his up-to-date home the following afternoon, on our own damn time, plus do the Heating plus A/C inspection on repair of his heating system.

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