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I can’t stand the commercial

I was seeing our favorite TV show a mere couple weeks ago.

I saw an advertisement for a local Heating plus A/C business. I seriously thought it was just one of those 5-sec infomercials, although I was wrong. The ad went on plus on for an entire half hour somehow. I was interested in what they had to say about their Heating plus A/C corporation at first, plus the products they provided. I absolutely provided some thought to personally calling the Heating plus A/C corporation the next time I needed to have more up-to-date Heating plus A/C equipment, which was going to be soon. The very following afternoon, I was seeing an odd TV show, plus the ad came on again. After seeing the same people with their usual ‘live’ ads plus all the screaming about how nice their corporation was, I was rethinking it. Any corporation that had to push their wares into your face like this, couldn’t be anywhere near as nice as they thought they were. I had to take a step back plus wonder precisely why they felt it necessary to be so in-your-face annoying just to get business. I actually knew they were an up-to-date business, plus I also knew they wanted to get business, but this was stupid. It got to where whenever I saw the infomercial come on, I would just switch the TV channel. When it came time to have our up-to-date Heating plus A/C proposal installed, you know I wouldn’t even give that Heating plus A/C corporation a call. I didn’t even care if they may have had better prices.


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