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Getting ready for retirement from my HVAC task

At the seasoned age of 67, I easily realized that my time had come to retire. I had been honestly working with full dedication for most of my career now and I was ready to rest back and appreciate the rest of my years that I had left. I had the same task now since I was 32 years of age. Some people go from task to task and others have just a single task that they stay with for numerous years. For me it is pretty much the latter. I enjoyed my supplier and all my coworkers. Working in the HVAC industry had been my career and now knowing that I would be leaving all of that behind was basically bittersweet for me. I can’t begin to count how many heating and a/c appliances I have repaired and tested over the years. When you do a task just like this, you get to meet all sorts of people and some of those people still stick out to me to this day. It’s mainly the ones that were extremely friendly. I remember this one seasoned lady who would consistently invite the HVAC service professionals to rest down and have supper with her. She didn’t really know a lot about heating and cooling and frequently called us out to have us help her manage the dial temperature control. Tomorrow is my last day at my job before I retire. It feels exactly like one door closing and another opening, a new chapter in my life so to speak. I plan on going with it and enjoying all the time I have left to spend time with my loved ones.

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