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Peppermint tea gets my stomach back on track

I have regularly had an frustrated stomach. Ever since I was a kid I needed to be careful with what I ate! When I was 16 years seasoned I gave up meat entirely; I felt the grease from the meat was frustratedting my stomach. I then gave up all dairy products and animal products love eggs. I then chop out red sauce when I started having stomach pains after eating it. I ate only gluten free noodles and dishes for a long time. When I was 25 I basically was eating nothing however fruits and veggies. I realize that this wasn’t the healthiest of lifestyles. I started studying books on how to help out an frustrated stomach. What should I eat and what should I drink? I then found that people who drink peppermint tea have less complications with their stomach. It is said to relax the digestive plan and ease stomach pain when you have it. I read a bunch of clinical studies online about people treating their stomach pain with peppermint tea, and the test subjects reduced the pain, frequency and length of their stomach complications with the tea. Now I have been drinking exclusively peppermint tea and doing experiments. I no longer have to be gluten free. I also can eat a little bit of dairy as long as I had my tea beforehand. I am a little afraid to introduce meat back into my diet. It has been 15 years since I have had it. It might just be a lost cause. I am gleeful that I can have macaroni and cheese again… All of that is thanks to my peppermint tea!

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