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Was heavily disappointed after getting the wrong air filters

My wife as well as I made the decision to buy a really nice air purification system for our property… I sincerely thought it was necessary in the past, but I was totally positive when the bunch of us came to the realization that the Coronavirus was going to be a immense deal, but to make matters worse, my wife plus I live in a part of the country that has massive wildfires all of the time.

At one point last year, my wife plus I were facing both wildfires plus the coronavirus at the same time.

This is when we actually decided to call the air filtration supplier plus have a proper air cleaner installed in our property. It was absolutely extravagant, but clean air should not have a costly price tag. The air filtration equipment works totally well. It removes all types of viruses, pathogens, bacteria, pollutants, plus allergens from the indoor air. The quality air cleaner has an air filter that has to be changed one time per week! My wife plus I regularly change the air filter more frequently, because the two of us don’t want to take any risks in the slightest that a harmful pollutant will breach the perimeter‚Ķ Since my wife plus I change the air filters pretty often, the two of us go through them hastily. Last time the two of us purchased replacement air filters, I ordered them completely online. The supplier did not send the correct size though. I had to return the first box plus I had to wait a whole week for the current air filters to show up at my house. Thankfully, they offered me a 20% discount for all of the hassle plus inconvenience. They also paid for the shipping on the first box. It wasn’t the worst experience, since they made everything just fine.


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