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The new guy thinks he knows everything about repairs

For the past six years, I have been working in the heating and air conditioning repair business. The place handles all kinds of heating and air conditioning repairs for homes, hotels, restaurants, and businesses. I got a job about 4 months after I got out of the military. It took me 10 months to learn everything, but I finally earned my certification and heating and air conditioning repairs. My co-workers and I work five days a week. Every one of us has to work one weekend during the month. I usually take the first weekend of the month, so I can get it out of the way. Last weekend was my turn to work and I was forced to work with a new guy. He was still training at the time and he needed to shadow someone. I would not have minded being a mentor, but this guy talked continuously the whole time. He never shut up, even when we were eating lunch. Somehow he managed to talk non stop and still eat a burrito, nachos, and a taco. The guy thinks he knows everything about HVAC repairs, because his Dad used to work in the business. I learned about their entire family history in one afternoon. Unfortunately, all of that talk didn’t translate into experience. The guy had to ask questions on every repair job and he didn’t remember to change the air filter in one of the AC tune-ups. He spent too much time talking and not enough time thinking. This guy still has a lot to learn about HVAC repairs.


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