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The cat knocked the heater over

My apartment is on the first floor.

The bedroom is always cold and so is the kitchen.

There is a large radiator in the living room and it puts out plenty of heat. Unfortunately, the radiators throughout the rest of the apartment barely work at all. I have them open the whole way and they still don’t provide a lot of heat. Still, this is the only apartment that I can afford on my salary. It’s close to work so I don’t spend a lot of time complaining. When I realized that heating was going to be a problem, I decided to purchase a small space heater to keep in the apartment. I keep the space heater on the counter in the kitchen. I only have to set it to the medium setting and it provides plenty of warm air. Sometimes it is way too hot and I have to turn off the heater entirely. A few nights ago, the temperatures were extremely cold and I set up the space heater before I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and the bathroom was very cold. I walked out to the living room and I realized that the space heater was off. I turned on the light and I found the space heater on the floor. The cat must have knocked the heater over in the middle of the night. I bought a space heater that has an automatic shutoff switch. Anytime the heater is not upright, the heating function will not work. I promptly put the heater back on the counter and placed the cat in my bedroom for the rest of the night.


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