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Locating all the wasted HVAC energy

I told the Heating and A/C girl what both of us were experiencing and how puzzling that was

I’m not much of a sleuth genre woman. Nor do I get all wrapped up in who did it or anything of that nature. However, if solving a mystery will save me some cash then I’ll put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and get to it. This was the case recently with a puzzling situation regarding the Heating and A/C device in our home. The people I was with and I are sort of new to this region and I guess we totally underestimated just how tough the northern frosty season can be. Both my wife and I are from the South where the Heating and A/C heat pump is the heating & cooling device of choice. In fact, neither of us had even seen a gas furnace before both of us moved up this way. So when both of us obtained our household, I really had no idea just how the gas heating device worked or what I was supposed to do. The Heating and A/C device in this household is only about 5 years of age and the home inspector said it was a wonderful enough Heating and A/C device. But as the frosty season really took hold, it seemed basically like the gas heating device was running all of the time. Yet, both of us were far from cozy. Actually, it felt as though there was an extreme draft. I had the Heating and A/C device people out to have a look at the gas furnace and they assured me that it was in unbelievable shape and more than capable of heating our household. I told the Heating and A/C girl what both of us were experiencing and how puzzling that was. The Heating and A/C tech proposed that I buy an instant read thermometer gun. Then, go outside and check out the exterior of my household to find the leaks.


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