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It would seem that the animal knocked over the heating equipment

My place of residence is on the first floor.

The family room is commonly frosty plus so is the family room.

There is a massive radiator in the dining room plus it puts out a giant amount of heat. Sadly, the radiators throughout the rest of the place barely function at all. I have them open the whole way plus they still do not provide enough heat. Still, this is the only home that I can afford on my salary at this moment. It’s close to my place of work so I do not spend a tremendous amount of time complaining. When I came to the realization that heating was going to be a giant setback, I decided to purchase a small area gas furnace to keep in the property. I keep the area gas furnace on the counter in the family room. I only have to set it to the medium setting plus it actually supplies plenty of warm air. There are times when it is way too overheated plus I have to turn off the gas furnace entirely. A few evenings ago, the hot plus cold temperatures were entirely frosty plus I set up the area gas furnace before I headed out to bed. I woke up in the middle of the evening to get a glass of water plus the bathroom was tremendously cold. I walked out to the dining room plus I came to the realization that the area gas furnace was actually turned off. I turned on the light plus I discovered the area gas furnace on the floor. The animal must have knocked the gas heating equipment over in the middle of the evening. I bought an area gas furnace that has an automatic shutoff switch. Anytime the gas furnace is not completely upright, the heating function will not actually function. I promptly put the gas heating equipment back on the counter plus placed the animal in my family room for the remainder of the evening hours.

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