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I was so uptight, a body massage sounded amazing.

My baby cousin Marlo won multiple passes to a high-end massage salon in our local area. Getting a full body massage sounded amazing & I was thrilled when my cousin asked me to join her. All of us were both excited to get to the massage salon. MArlo and me were given soft silky white robes that enveloped our bodies like a cloud. Then They wrapped our hair & sat us in chairs. They started spreading oil on faces & the massage began. When they said it was a body massage, they meant a complete head to toe body massage. Our scalps were being massaged at the same time as our faces. Someone was already massaging our hands & I could recognize my entire body start to relax. Someone sited a full glass of champagne in my hand as the music was slowly unbelievable us. I couldn’t wait until Marlo and me got the actual body massage. I was so relaxed that I could barely move, even before they stepped us over to the massage tables. I hated having my feet touched, but I could have cared any less when they began rubbing my soles & ankles. By the time they were done with my complete body massage, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to walk. My legs felt rubbery. They led us down to a small sauna where both of us sat & allow the gentle mist to pull the impurities from our skin. After a gentle clean with a green Coca-Cola type of cleanser, I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay at the body massage salon & allow them to start it all over again. My cousin had other ideas. Marlo was ready to buy a modern outfit & go dancing.